On Saturday we unveiled #BreonnaUndertheStars. This mural was designed and created by youth artists in the Public Art for Social Change track The Community Art Center: Brandy A., Logian A., Salma B., Chloe D., Ayatt E., Diomanie R., Khahleal S., Yasimen Y., Ayman T., and Sarah P.. The project was facilitated by Katytarika Bartel and Atia Mahabir.

Name of Piece: #BreonnaUnderTheStars

Statement of Work: We created this mural to show the side of the Black Lives Matter movement that has not been covered enough by mainstream media: the Black women and femmes who have become icons of the movement but have yet to receive justice. Women like Breonna Taylor have been met with silence instead of accountability of the police officers who murdered her. This silence is harmful. This silence is violence. We have incorporated elements of street art, digital design, and protest art to speak to our community in Cambridge about this issue. This mural is also something they can engage with. We encourage people to take photos and use the hashtags and QR codes on the mural. But we also want our community to reflect on their activism using the community board. Anti-racist work doesn't end at a hash tag or a donation. What else are you doing for the movement? What are you doing to support Black women and femmes?

Stop by Starlight Square to see this amazing artwork.