Dick Foote (in voiceover) describes Central Square and plans for renovation over shots of musical performances and people street fairs. Voiceover continues over a shot of Massachusetts Avenue, which fades into a shot of Foote in studio. After this, interviews with different people: Geneva Malenfant describes how her family moved to Central Square and what she liked about the neighborhood. Ken Reeves discusses how, as mayor, he appointed a commission to improve Central Square. He talks about asking a wide variety of people for ideas and describes the significance of the neighborhood. Carl Barron describes how he first became interested in the neighborhood, and describes how the Central Square Business Association wanted to improve it. He describes the pace of the improvements and how certain groups of people were able to accelerate the pace. Susan Schlessinger talks about the importance of planning among different groups of people. Schlessinger introduces Steve Carr, urban designer for the renovation project. Carr talks about his goals and working with certain groups on the renovation. He talks about specific improvements and uses a map of the area to show where they will be. He also shows an illustration of the renovated sidewalk area. George Metzger stands on Massachusetts Avenue and describes the goals of the renovation. At various locations along the street, he talks about some of the planned changes, intercut with illustrations of the locations. Arnold Goldstein describes the goals of the renovation and the need for a plan to maintain the improvements.