Fall 2020 marks the Central Square Business Improvement District’s first year of service. As we reflect on the work our organization did, it is hard to overstate the unprecedented challenge COVID-19 presented our community here in Cambridge and around the world. We had just gotten underway when Governor Baker declared the pandemic.

Our small team mobilized quickly on behalf of our neighborhood, led by example, and set a standard for creative thinking in a crisis. From securing public safety infrastructure and writing a legislative agenda, to our Speak Your Piece public art campaign, Hello Again, and Starlight Square, this Annual Report showcases all that we were able to do in our first year.

Of course, the backbone of the BID is our team of ambassadors who have worked around the clock in hazard conditions since March. As we think about what’s next for us, we are focused on building on the progress we've made this first year with partners throughout the Square and City. Our small team has done great things, but it is not enough. Central Square is in crisis, and we have been vocal about the need for relief on many fronts— for our housing insecure neighbors, our small business community, arts organizations, and residents.

Take a look at our first year by reading our full annual report, which we're proud to share on behalf of our team and the Central Square community we work on behalf of.

Read full annual report