Marvin Gilmore

This video vignette is part of our In Central I Can campaign, a celebration of the Square’s can-do, entrepreneurial spirit. Central is a place of action and self-actualization, where people from all stations of life, across generations, go to make their dreams come true. Each person we profiled reflects on how this neighborhood has played a role in their personal or professional lives in some special way.

Marvin Gilmore's indelible mark on the Square extends beyond the walls of the Western Front. As a revered community leader, his commitment to fostering cultural richness and inclusivity has become a guiding force for subsequent generations. The Western Front, with its iconic status as a cultural hub, not only hosted globally acclaimed performers but also served as a launching pad for countless local talents who found their voices within its walls.

In the years since its closure in 2011, the void left by the Western Front has been filled with a mosaic of diverse artistic expressions and community initiatives, a testament to the lasting impact of Marvin Gilmore's vision. The Square continues to resonate with the echoes of its cultural past, blending nostalgia with a forward-looking spirit that mirrors the dynamic interplay between tradition and innovation.

Today, the Square stands as a living tribute to Marvin Gilmore's legacy, where the rhythms of creativity persist in the form of street performances, art installations, and collaborative endeavors. The stories of the Western Front, etched in the memories of those who experienced its magic, are woven into the very fabric of the Square's identity. As Marvin himself asserts, the beat undeniably goes on, carrying forward the spirit of resilience, creativity, and community that he so passionately cultivated during his stewardship of the Western Front.

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