Michael Monestime - In Central I Can from 99flic on Vimeo.

To us, Central Square is a place where anything is possible. You can grow old. Raise a family. Get married on Mass Ave. Be scouted as a model. Recover from addiction. Communicate with the cosmos. It’s a place where people make it happen. Where shared values are reflected from one edge of the district to the other, from My Brother’s Keeper at 301 Mass Ave to the Senior Center in front of City Hall. Our new campaign, “In Central I Can” celebrates the Square’s can-do, entrepreneurial spirit. This is a place of action and self-actualization, where people from all stations of life, across generations, go to make their dreams come true.

Over the last four months, we mined these stories. Here is just one of the fourteen vignettes we'll share over the coming months, each highlighting the words of different people reflecting on this special corner of the world.

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