After three months of COVID-19, the Central Square BID is ready to welcome you back safely and warmly, with two simple words and a lot of pink.

Hello again.

A month has passed since we painted Central Square pink. Thanks to all your support we've began to repair the damage COVID has done to our spirits. We've talked to the businesses in the district to learn how the campaign has helped.

"Customers knowing that local businesses are making an effort to keep people safe as they come to the square is really awesome." - Jake from New City Microcreamery. The Lafayette Square ice cream shop has posters up reminding folks how to safely patronize the business.

Take a walk down River Street to visit Great Eastern Trading Co. and see their selection of vintage clothing. Our neighbor Neph seen here wearing our "Positivity Pink" mask.

Aleppo Palace is screaming "Hello Neighbor" to everyone on the corner of Mass Ave and Western Ave.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see more public art going up as well. ⁣We teamed up with our friend Rixy to turn storefronts and fixtures into canvases for expression, inviting young voices to speak their truth during this historic time. ⁣