Doing some holiday shopping? Here are some great places to find gifts for the special people in your life. Follow us on instagram where we are giving away two gift baskets of goodies from local Central Square shops!

Hilton Tent City (website)

With the cold weather it’s time to break out the hats and mittens. Hilton Tent City has an amazing selection of warm weather gear. I recommend this carhartt beanie. Fashionable and durable for what could be a chilly winter.

Boomerangs (website)

There isn’t another store around quite like Boomerangs. Every time you step through the doors there’s a new selection of treasures. Throw a mask on and peruse the home goods, clothes, and oddities on the shelves of our favorite secondhand store.

Fresh Pond Tea Co. (instagram)

Born in Cambridge, handpicked from all over the world. Fresh Pond Tea Co. has a wide variety of tea and tea accessories. I personally recommend the Doke Rolling Thunder Tea.

Teddy Shoes (website)

Everybody knows somebody that dances. Your daughter, your nephew, your crazy aunt. Teddy’s shoes has been providing dance shoes to the neighborhood for decades. Grab a new pair of ballet slippers for the dancer in your life.

Great Eastern Trading Co. (instagram)

One of a kind vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Find something you really can’t get anywhere else, including Christmas sweaters.

Brookline Lunch (instagram)

An absolute icon of Central Square, Brookline Lunch is selling homemade jams this holiday season. Imagine how sweet Christmas morning could be with a warm english muffin topped with moon grape jam.

University Stationery (website)

Is there anything better than buying a new notebook and pen? A clean slate with opportunities abound; write down your feelings, make a grocery list, write a letter to an old friend.

Cheapo Records (instagram)

Vinyl is back (did it ever really leave?)! Cheapo has an incredible selection of vintage and new vinyl records as well as apparel, CDs, and tapes for hardcore collectors.

Cleenland (website)

Sustainability is the mission for this low-waste shop. Cleenland has products for your home, for your skin, and for your hair. Get some soap, get some shampoo, get some sponges and feel good about working toward a more sustainable future.

Kush Groove (instagram)

A lifestyle and streetwear brand, perfect for the ones in your life whom enjoy the high life. From tees and socks, to vapes and candles Kush Groove has something for everyone!

Pandemonium (website)

What can we do to keep ourselves entertained this winter? A board game is perfect for a night in! From staples like Settlers of Catan, to more advanced games like dungeons and dragons, Pandemonium has everything you need to have a table-top adventure!

Central Square Florist (website)

When you buy from Central Square Florist, you're supporing a fourth generation owned business. Since 1929 they've been the florist of the square. Flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion, and you can get them delivered in time for Christmas!

Seven Stars (facebook)

The vibes are of great importance as the sun goes down earlier and we work harder to keep our energy up. Seven Stars has precious stones and crystals that will keep you aligned and the vibes at all-time highs.

Coast Cafe (website)

How lucky are we? The best hot sauce around is local to Central Square. Coast Cafe sells their legendary sauce by the bottle, perfect stocking stuffer for the folks in your life that like flavor.

We are giving away two gift baskets of goodies from local Central Square shops. Follow us on instagram for more details!