Central Square Live! is back with a packed week of programming and a new partnership with the Dance Complex. Take a break from your workday or participate in a fun activity with your kids! Be sure to tune in to our Facebook and Instagram to participate.


3:30 PM (Facebook Live)
Dance Complex Live! with Andy Taylor

5:15 PM (Facebook Live)
Vinyasa Yoga with Ali Singer

Fit for all levels and abilities, “vinyasa” refers to the active style yoga class predominantly seen in yoga studios today. A YogaHub vinyasa practice meets you where you are, starting with simple movements to integrate mind, body, and breath. You will learn and incorporate the “ujjayi” breath technique to sustain energy and seamlessly link movements together. Tap into your abilities and learn new skills as you progress through a posture sequence in which each pose builds the previous ones. Explore posture variations to advance your practice and take care of injuries. Upon completion, you’ll arrive in a restored state of balance.


11:00 AM (Facebook Live)
Fireside Chat with Peter DiMuro

12:00 PM (Facebook Live)
Afro-Cuban Folklore with Nadia Issa

AfroCuban Folklore (Yoruba), is a dance tradition of the Regla de Ocha-Ifá religious practice. This class will provide and guide movers through gaining a strong understanding and technical skill of the dances and rhythms of the Orishas to the complex Batá percussion rhythms, as well as Güiro rhythms. Through the AfroCuban rhythms of the Yoruba/Lukumí practice, this course aims to connect the body in the movements of the Afrikan influences and traditions of Cuba and to the Orishas. Aché!


3:30 PM (Facebook Live)
Dance Complex Live! with Rachel Werkman

5:15 PM (Facebook Live)
How-to: Livestream with Callie Chapman

In this online streaming session we will touch upon various types of digital engagement and the appropriate platforms for each. The bulk of the session will dig deeper into creating a fluid mixing and presentation flow chart which hooks multiple tools together all within a single laptop so you can gain control over your presentation. Questions will be taken in the comments during this live stream.

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7:00 PM (Facebook Live)
A Night with the Dance Complex