Central Square Live! is back with a packed week of programming. Take a break from your workday or participate in a fun activity with your kids! Be sure to tune in to our Facebook and Instagram to participate.


3:30 PM (Facebook Live)
Dance Complex Live! Quarantine Aerobics

Quarantine Aerobics is a cure for the stir-crazy. Drawing inspiration from '80s work-out videos, postmodern dance, somatics, and conditioning, we will warm ourselves and practice full, unapologetic embodiment from the comfort and constraints of our own homes. Much of class will consist of simple follow along exercises. Expect to get sweaty, listen to fun tunes, and cultivate a buoyant body. All are welcome and modifications are encouraged!

6:00 PM (Instagram Live)
Happy Hour with Lou Arce


11:00 AM (Facebook Live)
Fireside Chat with Peter DiMuro

This week he will be joined by the Artistic Director of Black Box Dance Theater where she has the privilege of dancing with excellent artists interested in deepening connections of real dance to the real world.

3:00 PM (Facebook Live)
Spring into STEM with Science Club for Girls

Science Club for Girls (SCFG) will help bring Spring into your own living room with some cool science demonstrations and experiments. This week’s experiments will be all about eggs! To join along with SCFG, gather a pencil, a piece of paper, an egg, a jar and 1 cup of vinegar! Spring into STEM is for scientists of all ages!


2:00 PM (Facebook Live)
Dance Complex Live! Modern Dance

This is a low intermediate modern class geared for adult dancers with basic understanding of dance vocabulary- but all are welcome to join and participate as you like. The class opens with exercises in strength and flexibility, engages alignment, and musicality through full-bodied phrases suited for your kitchen or living room. Friendly atmosphere and a joyous hour of dance!


10:30 AM (Facebook Live)
Morning Yoga with Malaika

Stretch your body and mind with our beginner-level yoga course. Bring your mat, blocks, and ties!


7:00 PM (Facebook Live)
Dance Complex Live! SambaViva

SambaViva starts class with a dance warm up incorporating movements from samba reggae, axé, afoxé and others. The class offers a brief stretch and/or work on body isolations before moving onto samba. Samba includes basic technique, drills, flourishes and choreography. The instructor can cater to beginners and more experienced students. The goal is to create a welcoming, non-competitive, fun environment where students can learn, develop their skills and get a good workout!