This month’s CSBA Member Spotlight: Central Square Florist!

Located in the heart of Central Square, the shop has been a family-owned business since its opening in 1929 and is currently run by father-daughter duo Jackie & David Levine.

“I started coming to help out at the store when I was probably 14. Once I got my license I was delivering and helping out after school. In college I started working here on the weekends and breaks, and now my dad and I run the store together.

Depending on the time of year, we deliver an average of about 350 to 450 arrangements weekly. My favorite flowers to work with are Dahlias, Peonies, and Ranunculuses — all the fancy flowers.

I love being in Central Square because it is ever-changing. There are all types of people — there’s never a dull moment. And there’s so much to do! There’s always something new opening up.

We’ve seen other shops give away a flower to a person with a certain name each day all around the country, but I think it really caught on here because there’s so much foot traffic. It’s also taken off on social media! People are always taking photos with the sign, sharing them, and just getting very excited to see their name was chosen.”

— Jackie Levine, Manager & Events/Wedding Coordinator