This month’s #CSBAspotlight: The Dance Complex! This five-story performing arts complex has been a part of the #CentralSQ community since the 1970’s and has evolved with the neighborhood.

“We’ve always been about the commonality of movement and dance — it binds us together across many ages and interests and histories. As we enter the next phase, post our 25th year and after using some of that time to reflect on the future, we find that The Dance Complex is ready to encourage all to take their next deep step in dance…whatever that might be.

The Dance Complex has evolved so much over the years — from the spectrums of dance we offer to even the number of staff. We have seven studios and approximately 1500 people who enter them each week — ranging from ages 3 to 93! Our complex functions a lot differently than the traditional dance studio. Local instructors rent our spaces to host their classes and we also host a lot of professional development programs and workshops in the building.

Right now, we’re so excited for our 5th annual Winter Wonder Dance Festival! It’s four days of classes and workshops in mostly modern, ballet, & contemporary styles. Everyone is invited to come enjoy a workshop or a class with our instructors as well as guest artists and get a taste for what we offer.

We very much look forward to partnering with our neighboring businesses and friends to bring dance to them in all its authentic diversity — whether it’s in our building, on the sidewalks, or in the streets of Central Square. Everyone is welcome here.”

— Peter DiMuro (Executive Director), Colleen Walsh (Communications Manager), and Rachel Roccoberton (Creative Programs Manager) at The Dance Complex